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At Hoke & Partners, our services are tailored to the needs of small businesses.  We focus on the core areas that tend to go overlooked, but stand in the way of growth and productivity.  You deserve the tools and insight needed to grow your business.

General Bookkeeping

Running a business is a full-time job in itself--let us take care of data entry and bookkeeping.  You'll be provided with recurring reports to know exactly what's going on, at all times.

Accounting Cleanup

Accounting errors are a slippery slope.  We'll get your accounting back on track so you have the insight you need to keep chugging along.

Website Design/Maintenance

You put time and effort into your brick-and-mortar storefront.  From cleaning, to refreshing, to maintenance.  Your virtual storefront should be maintained just as well.  View our portfolio of websites here.

IT Support

Sometimes, Google just doesn't cut it.  H&P provides dedicated, personal, and reliable support, so you don't have to make sense of an 11 year old forum post.

IT Project Management

From implementing a new system to setting up a new office location, we've seen it all.  H&P can manage the chaos and ensure your IT project moves along accordingly.  Plus, we love a good challenge.

IT Infrastructure 

The average cost of an IT outage is *$5,600 per-minute.  We can implement a reliable and secure infrastructure so you are never interrupted.

*Gartner, 2014

Our Preferred Partners

Sounds great, what will it cost me?

What Our Clients Say

Image by Ty Finck

Paul, Clifton Country Car Wash & Auto Detailing

Full-Service Car Wash and Auto Detailing Shop

"Noah helped us get our technology in order, which allowed us to grow exponentially over the past year.  Anything that we threw at him, he handled quickly and effectively."
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